Well, I did my first big show in a long time and I LOVED IT! Everyone in Santiago Chile was so wonderful and nice and I had a fantastic experience.
It was really nice to reconnect with Debbie Gibson after all of these years! Sam Fox was a riot! She is so fun… and it was deja vu doing a performance with Rick Astley since I toured with Rick for my first album! 

Everyone at Movistar Arena were so kind to me and what a wonderful surprise to be immortalized on their walk of fame!! I have to visit again just so I can stand on my star! :):):)

I want to thank Jaime , Alfredo , Jaime , Patricio, Carolina, Alejandra and Eliana from Bizzaro Productions.  


 Hi Everyone!!
   I haven't updated my blog in awhile so I figured, have iPad, nice sunset, beautiful park setting, might as well write a few lines!!

I am so happy to be healthy again! I hope and pray that everyone who got this flu has become healthy or is on the way to being healthy again. I was actually scared twice because I felt so sick I couldn't get out of bed!!!! I am glad THAT is over! :) :) :) :)

I am so ready for summer! I want it to be Africa hot!!! The kind of hot that makes you stare at the sun and say, 'Seriously?' ;) ;) This past winter was a bit too long for me and even though I love Chicago and the Midwest, I'm a "Cali" girl so I need my sun and warm weather NOW!!!!

I want to send a thank you out to all of you who wished me well during my down time. Thank you for praying for me!! I heard your voices and they helped!

I have  a new agent. I have posted this already, but her name is Amanda Tilk and she is totally cool!!! Hi Amanda!!!

I also want to say hi to my friend Deon Estus! :) :) :) Hey Deon!!!

I was surprised and honoured that Jesse Ware did a remake of "Love...Thy Will Be Done" I think it is beautiful :) 

That is it for now as I am going to enjoy the fresh air and nice weather!!!!

Love and Hugs to ALL of you!!!!!